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Article: 4 Tips to reduce your pollution and daily environmental impact

4 Tips para reducir tu contaminación y impacto medioambiental diario

4 Tips to reduce your pollution and daily environmental impact

At Fitplanet , a sustainable sports fashion brand, we want to help you and the planet improve your daily habits so that together we can change this environmental situation that we are experiencing.

The first step is to be well informed about which daily habits pollute the most and start by reducing those with the greatest impact.

1. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of meat and fish.

Did you know that the meat and fish industry is number one in environmental pollution? Every time we eat a steak or fish we are contaminating the planet with:

- 2,400 Liters of water

- 3.5 Kg of CO2

- In the sea, the main waste and the one that claims the most animal lives are fishing nets.

- Not only pollution, but also deforestation of forests for the cultivation of livestock

Not to mention the diseases derived from animal consumption (mad cow, swine flu, bird flu, Covid19...)

2. Buy sustainable fashion.

The textile industry is the second most polluting on the planet after livestock and fishing. So for the environment it matters a lot what you wear.

Sustainable fashion brands are the responsible alternative since we take care that each process of the clothing item affects the planet in the best possible way.

At Fitplanet, the raw material with which we manufacture is always of organic origin (they do not use pesticides or toxic substances or deforest trees for cultivation) or recycled materials, so we do not have to exploit new resources for the raw material.

With each sale we want to improve the situation of marine animals and that is why each item of clothing raises funds for different marine NGOs that work every day to help marine animals in danger of extinction in the Mediterranean.

Choose a brand that represents your values ​​and wear it to make the world a little better.

3. Eliminate single-use plastics as much as possible.

In our daily lives we generate a lot of plastic waste that we use for less than 5 minutes and then spend thousands of years floating in the sea or abandoned in the environment.

Avoid plastic bags, plastic bottles, cutlery, glasses... and ultimately any single-use plastic.

You can use your reusable cloth bag to shop, your reusable thermos to drink water, reusable cutlery... The options are endless, we simply have to think before consuming to improve our environmental impact.

4. Sign up for beach collections and support environmental NGOs.

Even if we do all the previous points, there are always impacts that are very difficult to eliminate, so we encourage you to join our beach collections, you can sign up through our instagram @fitplanetco

We also encourage you to participate in other collections or environmental actions in your area. A small gesture, together, is a big step!

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