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Article: Upside Down Bikini: Best Tips for Wearing It Summer 2024

Bikini al revés: Mejores Consejos para Usarlo Verano 2024

Upside Down Bikini: Best Tips for Wearing It Summer 2024

Summer is usually a season full of bold trends and innovative styles, especially when it comes to beach fashion. Among the most notable trends, the upside-down bikini has captured the attention of influencers, celebrities and fashion lovers alike, in addition to being bikinis and swimsuits that best fit women . This bold and fun style not only challenges traditional swimwear norms, but also offers a unique way to stand out at the beach or pool. In today's post, we will tell you the best tips to wear the bikini upside down with confidence and style, ensuring that this summer you will be the center of attention.

What is the upside-down bikini trend?

The upside-down bikini is a trend in beach fashion and highly requested among the types of bikinis of this 2024 that emerged during the pandemic and that managed to gain a lot of popularity very quickly, especially among celebrities and influencers.

Essentially, the reverse women's swimwear trend involves flipping the bikini top so that the ruching, which is usually found at the bottom, is facing up. The bikini straps tie differently, allowing for greater versatility in terms of style and fit. That is to say, a simple change can transform a basic bikini into a much more striking piece, providing multiple options to play with different necklines and shapes.

One of the reasons this trend has gained so much popularity is its ability to offer a personalized and adjustable look. By reversing the bikini top, various crossing and tying configurations can be created, adapting to each person's preferences and body type. This not only adds originality to the outfit, but also allows you to strategically highlight different parts of the body.

In addition, the upside-down bikini stands out for its ability to highlight the figure in a flattering way. The new positioning of the straps and gathering often creates the illusion of greater volume in the bust, defining the waist and balancing the proportions of the body, all while maintaining a high level of comfort and support.

How do you put your bikini on backwards?

The reality is that putting on a bikini backwards doesn't have much science, you will just need a string bikini and some imagination. To give you extra help, we explain here several ways to do it, choose the one that best suits you and your body type:

cut out

In this variant you must place the bikini upside down and tie the lower strap in the back. Then, cross the upper straps in the neckline area and tie it at the nape of the neck.

Cross in the abdomen

This way involves placing the bikini top inside out and tying an initial knot at the neck. Then, the waist strips are passed several times across the abdomen, creating crosses that highlight the abdomen in general.


Ideal for creating more cleavage, this style involves passing your arms through the straps of the bikini top and tying them behind the neck. By pulling the bikini top down, the breasts are greatly emphasized, creating a flattering silhouette. You can also try tying the straps around your waist for added support.


Perfect for women with a larger chest, this style involves crossing the straps over the chest and pulling the bikini top down. As with the halter style, you can tie the straps around your waist for additional support.


This version, also known as a crossed bandeau, involves crossing the straps on the chest, forming a circle that highlights this area. It is especially flattering for women with small breasts and is ideal for those who enjoy spending long hours in the sun, as it prevents the most visible marks on the shoulders and neck.

Bandeau style

Ideal for smaller breasts, this style involves putting your arms through the straps and pulling the bikini top down. For added support, the straps can be tied around the waist.

Shoulderless or strapless

This popular way of wearing the bikini backwards creates the illusion of a larger chest and provides more cleavage. By simply pulling the bikini top down and adjusting the straps, a particularly flattering look is achieved.

What body type does the reverse bikini favor?

Wearing the bikini upside down is surprisingly versatile and can flatter a wide variety of body types. However, certain body types or certain physical characteristics benefit more from this style of use, which are:

small breasts

The reverse crossover neckline of the bikini is ideal for those who have a small bust, since the design creates the illusion of greater volume, enhancing the bust in a natural way. The arrangement of the straps and the crossover on the chest help to focus attention on that area and add dimension.

Defined waists

The reverse bikini cut accentuates the waist, creating a very feminine and curvy silhouette. By adjusting the top so that the straps cross around the abdomen, attention is drawn to that area and the waist is highlighted.

wide backs

For those with wide backs, the crossed back straps of the upside-down bikini are an excellent choice or wearing it strapless. These designs help balance the proportions between the shoulders and hips, stylizing the figure, visually redistributing the width of the shoulders.

curvy bodies

Women with curvy bodies will find the upside-down bikini a very comfortable and flattering option. The fabric of the upper part, which adapts and adjusts to the body, provides support without being too tight. This allows curves to look defined and attractive without being excessively noticeable, offering both support and style.

Tips for wearing bikini fashion backwards


It is clear that sustainable upside-down bikinis and swimsuits have become one of the most popular trends of the summer, and no wonder. It is an original, daring and flattering garment that can help you feel confident in yourself and show off your figure. If you dare to try this trend, here are some tips to wear your bikini upside down with style:

Select the perfect model

The key to wearing a bikini upside down lies in choosing the right model for your body and personal preferences. Although this trend flatters many body types, it is essential to find a bikini that fits well and offers the support you consider necessary. If you have a large bust, opt for models with wide straps and well-structured cups that provide good support. To hide small imperfections, choose bikinis with small prints or geometric patterns. And if you like to stand out, don't hesitate to try vibrant colors and eye-catching prints that attract everyone's attention.

Experiment with crossings

The main feature of the upside down bikini is its top with crossed straps on the chest. It is this feature that gives it versatility and allows you to play with different crossing styles. You can cross the straps in the center of the chest for a more conservative neckline, or cross them on the sides for a more open and daring effect. The key is to experiment until you find the shape that best enhances your figure, fits your personal style and makes you feel most comfortable.

Add personal touches with accessories

Accessories have the power to transform your beach look from ordinary to extraordinary. A long, elegant necklace can complement the crossover straps of the bikini, adding a touch of sophistication. Eye-catching sunglasses and a loose straw hat will not only protect you from the sun, but will also add a chic, summery feel to your outfit. Other accessories, such as colorful bracelets and sarongs, also complete your look with style and personality.

Confide in yourself

Fashion is a powerful tool to express your personality and feel good about yourself. When wearing a bikini backwards, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident. Don't worry about other people's opinions, the essential thing is that you like it and enjoy your appearance. Confidence reflects in your attitude and makes you look even more incredible.

Take care of your skin

Regardless of how you decide to wear your bikini upside down, remember that it is vital to protect your skin from the sun. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen and apply it liberally all over your body, especially in the areas that are most exposed with this bikini style. Don't forget to reapply every two hours and after swimming or sweating. There are also bikinis with different protection factors against the sun.

Practice before showing it off

Since the inside-out bikini may require some adjustment to make it look and feel right, it's a good idea to practice putting it on before heading to the beach or pool. Try different crossing shapes and adjustments in front of the mirror until you find the combination that makes you feel most comfortable and confident. This way, when the time comes to wear it in public, you will feel more prepared and confident.


In short, adopting the reverse bikini trend may seem like a challenge at first, but with the right tips, a little confidence and imagination, we can all use and adapt this trend to look and feel comfortable. Remember that fashion is a form of personal expression, and the reverse bikini is a great way to stand out and have fun at the same time.

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