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Article: 10 Women's Surf Bikinis: Best 2024

10 Bikinis Surferos Mujer: Mejores 2024

10 Women's Surf Bikinis: Best 2024

Summer is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to renew your beach wardrobe. If you are a surf lover and are looking for the ideal bikini that combines style and functionality, you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you 10 best sustainable surf bikinis and swimsuits for women of 2024, selected for their design, comfort and performance in the water.

What should a women's surf bikini have?

A surf bikini for women is not just a fashion item, but it must be a functional piece that allows you to fully enjoy the waves without worries. Below we detail the key aspects you should consider when choosing your next surf bikini.


As for the bikini top , opt for one with wide, adjustable straps that provide support and prevent unwanted movements in the waves. Sports models with front or back closure are ideal for greater security. Look for designs with built-in cups or the option to use removable cups for added comfort. Regarding sustainable bikini bottoms , choose a high or medium cut that covers your intimate area well and avoids uncomfortable friction. For example, models with a high waist offer greater control and fit in the abdominal area.


Prioritize technical fabrics such as neoprene, lycra or polyester with elastane, which are water-resistant, quick-drying and breathable for greater comfort. These materials adapt better to the body and maintain their shape during physical activity. Avoid delicate fabrics such as cotton, which get soaked easily and can be heavy and uncomfortable when wet.


Look for a simple and minimalist design that allows you to move freely. Avoid details such as ruffles or bows that could get caught or come loose in the waves. Preferably, also choose dark colors or prints that better hide sand and dirt.


Some bikinis and swimsuits for small breasts are surfer type and incorporate additional features such as zippers on the bottoms to make them easier to put on and take off, or small pockets to store keys or other small items. Make sure the seams are flat to avoid chafing your skin.

10 best women's surf bikinis 2024

Now that you are clear about what a surf bikini should have, we leave you the list of the options that we have put together.

We start with traditional bikinis, yes, they can also be used for surfing. The key when choosing them is, first, opt for quality and resistant materials, these from FitPlanet are made of recycled plastics and second, that they give you the possibility of tying them on your back as in the third image. This way you will get a bikini that will last a long time, will give you support, will not move and will allow you to surf without complications.


Now let's move on to those that do not have straps to tie. If straps are not something you like, that you prefer to avoid, opt for bikinis and swimsuits that fit better and that are wide at the top and with panties without strings. This extra fabric they have is perfect so you can move freely. If you have a large bust, opt for options like the third, which as they are more closed, their grip is superior, ensuring that your bust does not become a nuisance when surfing.

To protect yourself from the sun, choose bikinis that have long-sleeved tops. These will not only protect you from the sun's rays, but they are also sure to be very comfortable.

If you want the protection of the previous bikini, butbikinis and swimsuits for large breasts in themselves are not your thing since they show too much or are uncomfortable in the bust area, opt for one-piece swimsuits like the one in the photo. This one is made with recycled plastic bottles, with side bands to stylize the figure and a zipper on the back to make it easier to put on.

This bikini is the perfect union between closed tops and sports shorts. The top protects the shoulders, is closed and continues below the chest, so you won't have to tie anything or worry about your breasts coming out. On the other hand, the bottom part is a body short, tight and wide enough so you can surf without complications.

Finally, we leave you this option that also has shorts as a bottom, high-waisted, tight to the body and perfect for water activities such as surfing, but the top part is not so closed. The top resembles a bralette, but with a much more sporty style. If you are one of those women who does not need extra support on top, this option is perfect for you.

How to choose the best surf bikini for women?

Choosing the perfect surf bikini may take you some time and cost you some mistakes, since there are numerous models, brands and styles on the market. But don't worry, because taking into account the following points, you will surely be able to find your future favorite bikinis:

Define your needs

Before starting your search, it is important that you define your needs as a surfer. Consider aspects such as the type of waves you usually surf, the intensity of your practice, your level of experience and your personal preferences in terms of style and comfort.

Prioritize functionality

A surf bikini must be functional above all. Look for a model that offers the necessary support to prevent it from moving in the waves, even in challenging conditions. Choose water-resistant, quick-drying and breathable materials for greater comfort.

Consider your body type

Choosing the ideal bikini style will largely depend on your body type. If you have a large chest, look for a top with good support and integrated or removable cups. If you have wide hips, opt for a high or mid-cut panty that provides coverage and control in the abdominal area.

Try different models

It is essential that you try on different models of bikinis before making a final decision. Make sure the bikini fits well, offers the necessary support and allows you to move freely.

Choose trusted brands

Opt for bikinis from brands specialized in sports clothing for surfing. These brands typically use high-quality materials and ergonomic designs that better suit the needs of female surfers.

Buy with conscience

When you are in the process of choosing where to buy, opt for brands or companies that use recyclable materials, have consumption control measures, sponsor NGOs or have their own environmental or social improvement campaigns. This way, your purchase will not only benefit you, but you will be helping at the same time.

Enjoy the experience

Choosing the perfect surf bikini should be an enjoyable experience. Take your time, explore different options and choose the model that makes you feel comfortable, confident and ready to conquer the waves.

Don't be guided only by prices

If your budget allows, opt for clothes that may be a little above average, but that you know use quality materials. This makes it an investment, while you are avoiding contributing to fast-fashion.

What to avoid when buying a surf bikini?

To ensure you make the right decision and enjoy a comfortable and safe experience in the water, it is important that you try to avoid the following:

Unsuitable fabrics

Although cotton is a natural and breathable material, it is not the best option for a surf bikini. It soaks easily, becomes heavy, and can lose its shape as it dries. Likewise, silk is a delicate fabric that does not provide the hold and support needed for water activities. Additionally, it is damaged by exposure to chlorine and salt in water.

Insufficient support

A surf bikini must offer adequate support at the top to prevent the chest from moving or falling during surfing. Look for tops with sports cups, adjustable straps, and secure closures. On the other hand, the bikini bottom should also provide good support to prevent it from shifting or moving in the water. Look for panties with high waists, tight cuts, and fabrics that don't stretch too much.

uncomfortable designs

Avoid bikinis with too many decorations, such as ruffles, rhinestones or buckles, as they can be uncomfortable and prone to snagging or tearing in the water.

Poor quality

The seams of a surf bikini must be strong and durable to prevent tearing with use and exposure to salt water. Choose bikinis made from high-quality fabrics that are resistant to chlorine, salt, and friction. Pay attention to the details of the bikini's finish, such as the uniformity of the seams, the softness of the fabric, and the absence of loose threads.

Don't try on the bikini

It is essential that you try your bikini on inside out before purchasing to ensure that it fits correctly and provides the comfort and support you need. Don't just rely on the size and try it on the move to verify that it doesn't move or move during physical activity.

Prioritize style over functionality

While style is important, it should not be the only factor to consider when choosing a surf bikini. Prioritize functionality, comfort and support for a safe and enjoyable experience in the water.


In short, choosing the right surf bikini will make a big difference in your experience on the board. Keep in mind what we mentioned in this post the next time you go out to buy a bikini for surfing and remember that above all things, your comfort should be, although this does not mean that you should always give up your personal style.

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