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This species, once common in the western Mediterranean, has been greatly harmed by fishing, both illegal and by driftnets. Very recent studies (2013), carried out throughout the western Mediterranean, including the Balearic Islands, estimate a population size of only 400 animals.

These incredible creatures, sperm whales, are easily identified by their enormous heads and prominent, rounded foreheads. Did you know that they have the largest brain of all known creatures that have populated the Earth?

Sperm whales can dive 1,000 meters in search of squid.

These toothed whales can eat almost a ton of fish and squid a day. Measuring up to 20 meters and weighing up to 57,000kg.

The data obtained, derived from more than 10 years of studies developed by the Tursiops Association, indicate that the Balearic Sea could play a very important role in the ecology of this Mediterranean species.

What does Tursiops do?

Tursiops is dedicated to the conservation and research of sperm whales in the Mediterranean thanks to funding from individuals like us. Mediterranean sperm whales are listed as endangered.

Each Fitplanet "whale" model donates 5% of the profits to the Tursiops association, to help in actions with sperm whales trapped in nets or plastics and to collaborate in the specific Tursiops project that studies the routes and mating areas of the whales. sperm whales with the objective of determining conservation zones. One of the main causes of death of sperm whales is collision with boats. Thanks to our donations we can study their routes through acoustic technology, determine the injuries of sperm whales due to boat collisions through drones. Continue working for its conservation and prevent the sperm whale from becoming extinct as it will soon do if we do not take immediate action.

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