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Our Commitment to Seabird Conservation

At Fitplanet, our dedication to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle extends to caring for our planet and the oceans that surround it. We are proud to donate 10% of the profits from each sale of our "Seabird" products in support of the valuable work of the SEO NGO BirdLife.

Why We Choose SEO BirdLife?

SEO BirdLife is a leading organization in the conservation of seabirds and their ecosystems. Its approach encompasses three fundamental pillars: Science, Education and Conservation, with the firm purpose of preserving these majestic birds and their habitats.

History and Commitment

SEO/BirdLife is the leading environmental NGO in Spain, with a foundation that dates back to 1954. Its mission has endured since then: to conserve biodiversity, waving the flag of birds, and achieving it with the active participation of society. His lines of work include:

  • Protect Birds and Their Habitat : SEO/BirdLife works tirelessly to protect birds and their habitats in Spanish territory, and through BirdLife International, contributes to the conservation of biodiversity worldwide.

  • Scientific Research and Citizen Science : They carry out scientific studies and citizen science projects to increase our knowledge about wild birds and their habitat, an essential tool for their conservation.

  • Education and Awareness : They promote social action to disseminate knowledge, foster appreciation and cultivate respect for birds and nature in general. They have led environmental education for more than two decades through courses, workshops and activities in educational centers.

  • International Development Cooperation : Recognizing its fundamental role, SEO/BirdLife promotes international development cooperation in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in developing countries.

  • Volunteering and Citizen Science : SEO/BirdLife is the environmental NGO with the most volunteers on the ground, promoting citizen science and environmental volunteering programs to improve the conservation status of species and natural spaces.

If you would like to learn more about the work of SEO NGO BirdLife and how you can contribute directly, visit their website: Link to SEO BirdLife website .

Join us in this joint effort for the conservation of seabirds and the preservation of their habitats. At Fitplanet, we are committed to making a real difference in the conservation of our nature and biodiversity, and your support brings us closer to that goal.