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At Fitplanet, we are dedicated to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that also encompasses the protection of marine life. That is why we allocate 10% of the profits from each sale of our "Ray" products to the NGO Manta Trust .

Why did we choose Manta Trust?

Manta Trust is a leading organization in the conservation of manta rays and their habitats. Their work focuses on three fundamental pillars: Research, Education and Conservation , with the aim of guaranteeing the preservation of these majestic marine creatures.

  • Scientific Research : Manta Trust carries out extensive research on manta rays around the world. Their scientific knowledge contributes to the design of marine protected areas that are essential for the survival of these species.

  • Education and Awareness : Along with its work in the field, Manta Trust organizes educational programs and awareness campaigns. Collaborate with local communities and the diving industry to promote respectful and sustainable practices.

  • Conservation and Collaboration : Manta Trust works closely with local governments and organizations to develop effective conservation policies that benefit manta rays and their ecosystems.

If you would like to find out more about the Manta Trust's impactful work and how you can contribute directly, visit their website: Link to Manta Trust website .

Join us in this joint effort to conserve these amazing marine creatures and protect their unique habitats.