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The Caballito del Mar Menor is about to disappear, the massive extraction of these animals, for fishing and bathers. Natural predators that enter from the Mediterranean, such as the blue crab, and the degradation of its habitat in recent years, due to nitrate and plastic pollution, have seriously affected the Mar Menor horse. To the point of finding this species on the verge of extinction.

What does Hippocampus Association do?

The Hippocampus Association aims to include the Caballito del Mar Menor as a species in danger of extinction within the Catalog of Spanish Threatened Species. In this way, the government will be forced to establish a recovery plan for the species in its habitat and allocate money to carry it out.

To prove that this species is in danger of extinction, data is needed, and that is what the Hippocampus Association is doing.

In addition to other projects they are carrying out, they regularly go out with their team of divers to do sampling and count how many little horses there are. When they have enough data to show that the little horses are disappearing, the study will be carried out to be able to classify the little horse as Threatened species.

Do you want to help the Caballito del Mar Menor?

By purchasing the “Seahorse” model, in addition to cleaning its environment, you are helping us raise funds for your project with the Mar Menor seahorse.

For more information about the project with the bottlenose dolphin visit: Asociació

Get in shape while keeping the Caballito del Mar Menor safe!