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The loggerhead sea turtle is the smallest sea turtle in the Mediterranean, although its length could reach approximately 120 cm and its weight up to 120 kg.

They are oviparous. The female is capable of storing sperm from several males until ovulation and the number of eggs ranges between 100-120 per nest, buried approximately half a meter above the tide line. Sex, as in the rest of the sea turtle species, is determined by the temperature of the sand during the incubation period. Above 29ºC the probability of being female increases. Can you imagine how climate change can affect these creatures?

What does Xaloc do?

Xaloc is dedicated to the protection of the marine biodiversity of the Mediterranean through local actions. It currently has a project for the protection of Mediterranean loggerhead turtle nests and for fishing awareness and recovery of Mediterranean turtles.

Turtles are very sensitive to human action, thanks to Xaloc we can balance the balance a little and ensure that our turtles live longer and more specimens reach adulthood. Here are some examples of what you are financing by purchasing the Sea Turtle model:

  • Release of turtles trapped by plastic or nets.

  • Quality of the beaches.

  • Study of females, their behavior, health status and feeding areas.

  • Study of incubation, hatching and emergence success.

  • Breeding a portion of the hatchlings from each nest for one year to increase their survival and probability of returning to the beaches of birth to reproduce as adults.

Do you want to help the Loggerhead Turtle?

By purchasing the “Sea Turtle” model, in addition to cleaning its environment, you are causing us to donate 10% of the proceeds to the Xaloc Mar organization .