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Article: The 12 Best Bikinis and Swimsuits for Small Breasts

Los 12 Mejores Bikinis y Bañadores para Poco Pecho

The 12 Best Bikinis and Swimsuits for Small Breasts

Summer is just around the corner and many people are on a mission to get the perfect upside-down bikini or swimsuit, one that is not only comfortable, but also makes them feel beautiful. For women with small breasts, the search for the ideal swimsuit can seem even more complicated. However, if there is one thing the current market has, it is variety, so with the number of options currently available, it is perfectly possible to find pieces that enhance and flatter this area in a natural and elegant way. In this article, we will give you 12 ideas of bikinis and swimsuits to use. From classic styles to more avant-garde designs, you'll discover how these swimsuits can help you highlight your beauty.

What is a swimsuit or bikini for small breasts like? Characteristics

When it comes to finding the perfect swimsuit or bikini for a small chest, it is essential to look for pieces that flatter and highlight the figure. Although needs may vary depending on personal taste and body shape, there are certain features that can help highlight and accentuate a small breast in a flattering way:

Subtle push-up design

Opting for a swimsuit or bikini with light padding or a subtle push-up will provide a little extra volume and a more defined shape to your chest. However, it is important to look for options that are not excessively bulky to maintain a natural and comfortable look.

Strategic details on the neckline

Strategic details in the neckline, such as pleats, gathering or embellishments, help create the illusion of a larger, more attractive chest. These elements add visual interest and can draw attention to the neckline area, creating a more balanced look.

Tops with adjustable or crossed straps

Bikini or swimsuit tops with adjustable or crossover straps offer the ability to customize the fit to fit your body shape. In addition, crossed straps in the back generally help to create a lifting effect, enhancing the breast in a very natural and therefore flattering way.

Bold prints and colors

Bold prints and vibrant colors are almost always powerful allies to visually add dimension and volume to the chest. Patterns such as horizontal stripes, floral or geometric prints create the illusion of a fuller and more proportionate chest.

Asymmetrical or ruffled designs

Asymmetrical or ruffled designs allow you to create a kind of balance in the appearance of the small chest by adding volume in the upper part of the body. These details add movement and texture.

Deep V neckline

Deep V necklines are an excellent option to highlight a small chest, as they visually elongate the torso and create a vertical line that draws the eye upward. In addition, marking the chest in the center helps to highlight it and therefore make it appear more voluminous.

Best bikinis and swimsuits for small breasts 2024

Now that you know that you should have more or less a bikini or swimsuit to highlight the breast area, we will tell you about some of the best options for both bikinis for pregnant women in 2024 and swimsuits:

Long sleeve swimsuit

If you are an active person, who not only likes to go to the beach to sunbathe, but also practices surfing, sant-up paddleboarding or rafting, a closed swimsuit like this is ideal. First and foremost because of the protection it gives you and secondly because of how comfortable it is. These types of bikinis from 2024 or women's swimwear greatly stylize the figure, diverting attention from the chest area.

One-piece swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits are a classic that never go out of style. This type of swimwear is ideal for small breasts due to its neckline, which enhances the chest area and adds some volume, especially if it is a swimsuit with textured fabric or a striking color.

Almost straight neckline bikini

This type of neckline is perfect for small breasts. Not only does it visually help to enhance them, but it balances the figure and stylizes the area. In addition, since it is not tied at the neck, it does not cause chafing or discomfort.

Green bikini

If you want versatility, the classic triangle bikini is what you should choose. You can use these types of sustainable bikinis and swimsuits traditionally or as they do now, the other way around in many different ways. By lifting and supporting the breasts well, it marks them and creates an illusion of greater volume. Choose bold colors like this because they give that larger impression.

Orange bikini

Orange, like yellow or red, is a volumizing color. If what you are looking for is to create an illusion of a larger chest, this is your great ally. You can choose both a classic and versatile style like the one in the photo, as well as an option with ruffles for more volume.


If you are a fan of prints, you are in luck because they are an excellent option. The prints trick the eye and give that impression of greater volume. Choose classic triangle bikinis like the ones in the photo, since you can use them in different ways and play with your style. We have chosen these three options because they are in basic colors, so you will be able to add volume but without drawing too much attention.

Printed and eye-catching bikini

Maybe you don't mind attracting attention at all and you don't just want to wear a printed bikini, but you prefer one that doubles down. If so, this turquoise printed bikini option is perfect. Both the color and the print will help you visually increase the volume of your breasts and create that effect you are looking for.

Timeless classics

Timeless classics are timeless for a reason. Not only are they very combinable, but they can also be your allies when you have small breasts. Triangle bikinis are very versatile, you can wear them strapless, inverted and adjust the support. That is, you can use them in a way that enhances your breasts, makes them stand out and makes them look bigger. The three in the photo, beyond being classic cut and simple colors, have some shine in the fabric so they don't look so basic.

Best swimsuits and bikinis for sagging breasts 2024

Having sagging breasts usually generates quite a complex and it is perfectly normal to want to hide them. When going to the beach or pool, it is normal to feel some anxiety and nervousness because you don't want to be noticed and therefore look for swimwear that hides them. Our recommendations on which swimsuits or bikinis to use are:

    • Underwire swimsuit with plunging neckline: The underwires help lift and center the chest, while the plunging neckline lengthens the torso. It is ideal for women with large or sagging breasts.
    • Ruched top tankini: The tankini is a very popular option among women with large and somewhat sagging breasts, as it offers greater support and coverage than a bikini. The gathered top helps control the chest and create a more defined shape.
    • Bikini with bandeau top and high bottoms: The bandeau top is a good option for women with small or sagging breasts, as it offers just the right amount of support. On the other hand, wearing a high bikini bottom and thong helps control the lower abdomen and creates a slimmer figure.
    • Sports swimsuit: The sports swimsuit is a comfortable and practical garment that offers maximum support. It is ideal for women who practice water sports or who are simply looking for a comfortable swimsuit for everyday wear that helps keep their breasts in place.
    • Bikini with triangles and removable cups: A bikini with triangles is a classic that is always in fashion. The removable cups allow you to adjust the support to your needs, especially if they are strappy because you can completely control the fit.
    • Asymmetrical swimsuit: If you are looking to divert attention from your breasts, this is the ideal option for you. The asymmetrical swimsuit is an original and flattering garment that helps balance the figure, diverting attention from the breasts and focusing it on the garment itself.

Tips for choosing bikinis for small breasts

Having small breasts has both advantages and disadvantages. The reality is that fashion and the media often make us believe that they are something that we should want to change, that it is not attractive, but nothing could be further from the truth. We should all be able to feel comfortable in our own skin and enjoy our daily lives without worrying about “how good we look.” If you have small breasts and want to make sure you choose the best bikini, keep reading as we give you some tips:

  • Opt for designs with strategic details: Look for bikinis that incorporate details such as ruffles, gathering or striking prints in the bust area. These elements add dimension and volume, creating the illusion of a more pronounced chest.
  • Choose tops that offer additional support: Bandeau tops with underwire, lightly padded cups, or adjustable straps provide the support needed to enhance the bust and create a fuller look.
  • Consider flattering cuts: Bikinis with halter, triangle or balconette tops are often ideal options for small breasts, as they offer different levels of coverage and support that help highlight this area.
  • Look for a custom fit: Opt for bikinis with adjustable straps or back closures that allow you to adapt the fit according to your preferences and specific support needs.
  • Try different styles and sizes: Don't hesitate to try different styles and sizes to find the bikini that best suits your body and highlights your attributes in a natural and flattering way.
  • Consider tops with removable padding: Bikinis that come with removable padding offer the flexibility to adjust the level of volume and support according to your preference.
  • Always choose colors and patterns: Light colors and bold patterns tend to attract the eye and can make the bust appear larger. Floral prints, pastel colors and geometric designs are also especially effective in creating a larger visual effect.
  • Trust your personal style: At the end of the day, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your choice. Choose a bikini that reflects your personal style and makes you feel beautiful and confident while enjoying the sun and the beach.


In short, finding the perfect bikini or swimsuit when you have small breasts does not have to be an overwhelming task. With a wide range of options available, from bikinis with strategic details to swimsuits with flattering cuts, there is something for every style and personal preference. Always remember that true beauty lies in self-confidence, and finding the right swimsuit can be the first step to feeling amazing both on the beach and in the pool.

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