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High quality sustainable sports shorts and tops . Seamless, elastic, breathable and cool fabric. Made from recycled fishing nets .
Each product raises funds for a different marine conservation program. Choose your favorite 💚

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Top Indic Hippocampus - LilacTop Indic Hippocampus - Lilac
Top Pacific Hippocampus - LilacTop Pacific Hippocampus - Lilac
Hippocampus Shorts - LilacHippocampus Shorts - Lilac
Hippocampus Shorts - Lilac Sale price€42,90
Top Indic Tursiops - Sky BlueTop Indic Tursiops - Sky Blue
Top Pacific Tursiops - Sky BlueTop Pacific Tursiops - Sky Blue
Tursiops Shorts - Sky BlueTursiops Shorts - Sky Blue
Tursiops Shorts - Sky Blue Sale price€42,90
Top Indic Penguin - OrangeTop Indic Penguin - Orange
Top Indic Penguin - Orange Sale price€42,90
Top Pacific Penguin - OrangeTop Pacific Penguin - Orange
Top Pacific Penguin - Orange Sale price€42,90
Short Penguin - OrangeShort Penguin - Orange
Short Penguin - Orange Sale price€42,90
Top Indic Carey - Aqua GreenTop Indic Carey - Aqua Green
Top Indic Carey - Aqua Green Sale price€42,90
Top Pacific Carey - Aqua GreenTop Pacific Carey - Aqua Green
Tortoiseshell Shorts - Aqua GreenTortoiseshell Shorts - Aqua Green
Top Indic Monachus - GarnetTop Indic Monachus - Garnet
Top Indic Monachus - Garnet Sale price€42,90
Top Pacific Monachus - MaroonTop Pacific Monachus - Maroon
Monachus Shorts - MaroonMonachus Shorts - Maroon
Monachus Shorts - Maroon Sale price€42,90
Indic Ray Top - CreamIndic Ray Top - Cream
Indic Ray Top - Cream Sale price€42,90
Top Pacific Ray - CreamTop Pacific Ray - Cream
Top Pacific Ray - Cream Sale price€42,90
Short Ray - CreamShort Ray - Cream
Short Ray - Cream Sale price€42,90
Top Indic Seabird - BrownTop Indic Seabird - Brown
Top Indic Seabird - Brown Sale price€42,90
Top Pacific Seabird - BrownTop Pacific Seabird - Brown
Top Pacific Seabird - Brown Sale price€42,90
Short Seabird - BrownShort Seabird - Brown
Short Seabird - Brown Sale price€42,90
Indic Wave Top - BlackIndic Wave Top - Black
Indic Wave Top - Black Sale price€42,90
Pacific Wave Top - BlackPacific Wave Top - Black
Pacific Wave Top - Black Sale price€42,90
Short Wave - BlackShort Wave - Black
Short Wave - Black Sale price€42,90
Top Indic Caretta - Forest GreenTop Indic Caretta - Forest Green
Top Pacific Caretta - Forest GreenTop Pacific Caretta - Forest Green
Caretta Shorts - Forest GreenCaretta Shorts - Forest Green
Top Indic Cachalot - BlueTop Indic Cachalot - Blue
Top Indic Cachalot - Blue Sale price€42,90
Top Pacific Cachalot - BlueTop Pacific Cachalot - Blue
Top Pacific Cachalot - Blue Sale price€42,90
Short Cachalot - BlueShort Cachalot - Blue
Short Cachalot - Blue Sale price€42,90