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The most sustainable pants you will see. With each purchase we raise funds to protect sea turtles in Costa Rica, with the help of the NGO Rascarey.
They are unisex and made in Spain with 100% organic cotton, soft and with an interior lining.

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Fitplanet Jogger Pants - BrownFitplanet Jogger Pants - Brown
Fitplanet Jogger Pants - BeigeFitplanet Jogger Pants - Beige
Sold outFitplanet Shorts - BlackFitplanet Shorts - Black
Fitplanet Shorts - Black Sale price€42,00
Fitplanet Shorts - BrownFitplanet Shorts - Brown
Fitplanet Shorts - Brown Sale price€42,00
Fitplanet Shorts - GrayFitplanet Shorts - Gray
Fitplanet Shorts - Gray Sale price€42,00
Fitplanet Shorts - GreenFitplanet Shorts - Green
Fitplanet Shorts - Green Sale price€42,00
Fitplanet Shorts - BeigeFitplanet Shorts - Beige
Fitplanet Shorts - Beige Sale price€42,00
Sold outFitplanet Jogger Pants - GrayFitplanet Jogger Pants - Gray
Sold outFitplanet Jogger Pants - BlackFitplanet Jogger Pants - Black