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Our Commitment to the Conservation of Sea Turtles

At Fitplanet, we partner with the marine organization Rascarey to protect more than 13,000 sea turtles a year in Costa Rica. Each purchase of the #BeTheChange collection allocates 10% of the profits to this cause. From nest stewardship to beach cleanups, Rascarey works tirelessly to preserve marine ecosystems.

Why Rascarey?

Rascarey is dedicated to the protection of more than 13,000 sea turtles a year. Its focus encompasses nest stewardship to protect them from thieves and predators, beach cleanups, and environmental education of local communities.

Founded by Esteban, Rascarey is an organization rooted in San Josecito beach, in the heart of Corcovado National Park. Their dedication to marine conservation has been essential for the survival of sea turtles. We went to visit them and worked alongside them as volunteers, experiencing first-hand their work and seeing their effort and positive impact on the preservation of these ecosystems. We fell in love with their work and decided that we had to do something to help them continue their incredible work.

How you contribute

Each purchase from our #BeTheChange collection not only offers you high-quality, sustainable products made in Spain with 100% organic cotton, but also directly contributes to the protection of Costa Rica's sea turtles. Join Fitplanet and Rascarey in this collective effort for a more sustainable world full of biodiversity.

Make a Difference with #BeTheChange