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Sports pants - Sea Turtle swimsuit

Sale price€59,00

The sustainable sports pants - swimsuit are made in a workshop in Barcelona (Spain) with recycled fishing nets taken from the Mediterranean Sea. It is suitable for both sports (due to its elasticity, mobility and breathability properties) and for bathing (due to its quick-drying and resistance properties).

Additionally, with this swimsuit we raise funds for the XALOC MAR organization , which is mainly responsible for guarding the nests of the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta Caretta). They do it during the 2 months of incubation, 24 hours a day on the beaches of Valencia to guarantee the success of the laying. They are also responsible for assisting turtles that have been accidentally captured by fishing vessels, to ensure that they return to the sea in the best possible conditions.

Sports pants - Sea Turtle swimsuit
Sports pants - Sea Turtle swimsuit Sale price€59,00